Zoom Workshop with Michelle Pouliot N.D.

Dear Friends,
I am very excited to share with you the upcoming workshop on Tuesday, Dec 1 at 7:00 pm with the wonderful Michelle Pouliot N.D.
This will be a live Zoom workshop followed by a question and answer session from the comfort of your home.
Included in this workshop will be:
-A live 30-minute talk with Michelle on Covid 19 and the Immune system (look below).
-Followed with a live question and answer with Michelle Pouliot
Pre-taped videos will include:
-A short discussion on the benefits of breathing for the nervous system.
– Pranayama sessions to keep your nervous system and lungs healthy during the winter months.
-The videos and talk with Michelle will be yours to keep.
– The workshop will be open to 20 live registrants only.
-If you are not available on the 7th to participate, no problem the whole workshop will be recorded and can be watched at your convenience.
Covid 19: Nutrients, Vitamins, and Herbs that Support our Immune Systems.
Covid 19 has been affecting all of our lives since March 2020. In the past 9 months, observational studies from both conventional and naturopathic medical communities have begun to explore the immune system’s response to Covid 19 and the role that hyper-inflammation plays in worsening Covid 19 related disease.
Nutrients, vitamins, herbs, and Yogic pranayama (breathing) that support the immune system, calm the nervous system and address inflammation balance, helps our bodies resist viral infections, and improves our vital life force reactions to virus.
COST: $59.00 If you sign up before Nov 23. $69.00 after that.
You will sign up thru Namastream.
You will receive a link to join the Live Zoom workshop prior to the workshop.

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