Embodied Core Exploring our Field of Tone

Alina Hernandez

For the past 2 decades I have dedicated my life to teaching yoga, helping people feel and live a better life in the same way that yoga has transformed my life.  I was a dancer with ABT for twelve years and also performed on Broadway in Phantom of the Opera. The stress and the wear and tear on my body and mind from that period made me realize I needed to make a change.I was told by a doctor to start Iyengar yoga, and I've never looked back. Yoga saved my life and now I give back to my community the gift of healing thru yoga.

I’ve witnessed many people in my community transform their bodies, minds, and lives thru yoga. There is nothing that helps me sleep better at night and brings me more joy than watching this change starting to take place. I know it well!


  • A registered teacher with Yoga Alliance
  • 200 YRT Rodney Yee, Collen Saidman, Richard Rozen
  • 500 YRT Kofi Busia
  • Dr. Jamie Naughright, athletic trainer for professional athletes and dynamic anatomy 
  • Jenny Kapuler  Anatomy 2 years based on Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen
  • Iyengar Institute on NYC over 20 years
  • Prenatal yoga  Iyengar Institute of NYC  Bobby Clennel
  • Pilates  Bente Dhal Busby
  • Tai chi  Woo Style Vinny Candela
  • Yang Style Taijiquan with Bente Dahl Busy and Christopher Kiely
  • American Ballet Theater 12 years
  • Broadway Phantom of the Opera 8 years
  • Yoga Union for back care and Scoliosis  Deborah Wolk ( assistant)
  • Embodied Yoga 300-hour certifications with Patty Townsend
  • Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen   In-depth training



2 blankets if you use it for twisting.

This is a wonderful Core class exploring our field of tone.  Includes some pranayama for inner support with the freeing of the spine.

1:25 min

  • Level: Gentle
  • Embodied Yoga: Embodied core
  • Benefits: Pelvic floor
  • Anatomy: Spine
  • Class length: 75 minutes

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