Briefly.... I felt like a new person yesterday when I emerged from your studio. I am amazed how I had been transformed into a whole person: open, light, energized, and able to breathe. I didn't feel "sick" for the first time in weeks. Your varied stations, meditations, visualizations, warm guiding touch, and aromas all took me to a new healing place...I can't say enough. You are a healer.... you focus and "give" with all your power." - Louise Read

"This is Jerry from the Club Getaway... I just wanted to say that you were wonderful and even though I have not regularly practice yoga at this current time, I am more self aware on what my body is doing and making adjustment as I notice them. You have been very helpful and for folks going to Club Getaway in the future, I will definitely recommend to take your class at least once." - Jerry Rothschild

Women practicing yoga in a class


"I feel I'm in a safe place when I'm in your class. It's obvious that a lot of people feel that way. You make each and every one of us feel cared for." - Marica Soloff

"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You gave me SO much time.. and more than time, you gave me REAL info, thoughtful caring lessons... and inspired me..I look forward to next Sat!" - Debbie Bennett

"From my point of view, and others tell me pretty much the same thing when I talk about your classes...... Your methodology and teaching approach combined with your knowledge base about what the body should look like in various poses AND taking into consideration our individual strengths and weaknesses....and willingness to constantly coach and encourage us puts you in an extremely small world of yoga instructors.....Combine all of that with what you can only call "chemistry" with the people in your classes and you have something pretty special." - Stephen Morocco

You are a miracle worker!  The pain dissipated that night and none last night but I feel that it will take some time to completely heal.  Will continue with my excersises  and have become a yoga fan forever.  Peter Kukresh

I have been gone all day and just returned, but I wanted to tell you that last night's class was the perfect tonic for all of us who were confused and totally stressed out. The power of Yoga to cleanse and renew was never more evident. I felt like a completely different person when I left.  Sam Calloway