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60 minutes: $100.00
Please contact the instructor to discuss payment. Thank You!

90 minutes: $125.00 to 150.00
Please contact the instructor to discuss payment. Thank You!

Home visit $125.00 plus travel $25.00
Please contact the instructor to discuss payment. Thank You!

Couples massage can be arranged with notice.


Thai Massage

60 minutes: $100.00
Please contact the instructor to discuss payment. Thank You!

90 minutes: $130.00
Please contact the instructor to discuss payment. Thank You!

What is Thai Massage?

Nuad Bo Rarn, or Traditional Thai Massage, is an ancient form of bodywork that originated in India and settled in Thailand. Nuad Bo-Rarn is a key component of traditional Thai medicine, an ancient holistic approach to healing the body-heart/mind-spirit.

Thai massage is performed on a mat on the floor. This allows the most effective use of the practitioner's body weight rather than a muscular force for the transmission of pressure, force, or energy, which creates a highly therapeutic effect.

The client remains fully clothed (but no shoes!). Clothing should be light and allow for flexible movement. The work itself consists primarily of compressions applied on energy lines and points and a large variety of stretching movements. Pressure is exerted with the palms of the hand, the thumbs, and the feet; at some points, the elbows may be used.

The above techniques affect the entire body by increasing flexibility, releasing both deep and superficial tension, and helping the body's natural energy (or Life Force known as “chi”) to flow more freely. The result is an opening of the body which leaves one feeling both relaxed and energized at the same time. This traditional bodywork is an effective way to relieve chronic muscle tension, headaches, neck and back pain, sciatic nerve pain, and digestive disorders, as well as effectively reducing the mental anxiety and physical discomfort brought on by the cumulative effects of every day stress.

Thai Massage

ESTELLE TRABUCCO | Estelle Trabucco
is a licensed massage therapist (L.M.T.) formally trained at the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy in Westport, CT, from which she graduated with honors. She has learned many modalities of massage along the way, both Western and Eastern bodywork styles that she skillfully combines: Swedish massage, deep tissue, acupressure, sports massage, orthopedic massage, pre-natal massage. She works on a variety of people with different personal goals, from relaxation to prepare for an athletic event, healing after an orthopedic injury or pain management for chronic conditions, and everything in between. Each session is dictated by the particular needs of each client. She is a member of the A.M.T.A. (American Massage Therapy Association) and belongs to the Connecticut chapter of massage therapists.

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 Alejandra Hadjuck Massage

I believe that touch is one of the most powerful ways to bring awareness back into the body; through deep listening and tenderness areas that were not inhabited become alive, full, and our connection to our inner self grows stronger. Pleasure and vulnerability are key for this to happen; and this massage focuses on creating the right container through long enveloping strokes, precise deep touch where it is needed and gentle movements that stretch and invite the joints and connective tissues to release in a pleasurable way.  

About Alejandra

I began my journey into massage about 15 years ago in Argentina at the Oasis school of Massage and Healing Arts, a unique place that teaches students body and emotional awareness through dance and movement while teaching Esalen massage, Trager, Deep Tissue and the art of conscious and loving touch. After graduating from school I continued to work as a teacher´s assistant for 5-6 years.

I then specialized in Trigger Point Therapy and created my own 64 hr course which was included in the school´s program for about eight more years. During that time I had a private practice with longstanding clients, both at home and doing house calls around Buenos Aires. I worked on people of all ages, high-performance athletes, and as a team with Ayurvedic doctors and Physical Therapists.

At one point in my profession where I felt the need to reach deeper levels of my work Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy came into my life, a training that won my heart and completed over the course of two years. I am passionate about bodywork, about anatomy and understanding the physical and emotional patterns that might be the root cause of my client´s pain and discomfort. I've been told that my work is precise, deep and loving.

Two years ago I relocated to the US, went back to school to get licensed through the Finger Lakes School of Massage in Ithaca and I have just been hired to be part of their teaching staff. I will be traveling there once a month from Kent, where I am building my practice at the moment. 

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