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We are located at  10 N.Main Street in Kent Ct

above the Kent Bookstore

We currently offer In-Person and Hybrid Classes as part of our membership.
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Yoga 4 Live Classes
Partial Media Library and 5% discount on workshops

What you get *Either 4 studio classes or live classes from your home per month and partial library.

We help clients over 50 take care of their bodies.   These classes address how to stay strong and resilient thru our aging process . Our breathing techniques  and our postural tone help us with the demands of modern life.

Yoga 8 Live Classes
Full Media Library and 10% discount on workshops

What you get*  8 studio in person or 8 live zoom classes per month and the full library.

Many benefits can be gained from attending our Yoga classes.   Yoga  can increase energy levels, flexibility, and ease many symptoms of aging.  We don't need to over use our bodies to keep oursleves resileint balanced and toned.

Yoga 12 Live Classes
Full Media Library 15% discount on workshops

12 studio live clases or live classes onZoom and Full Media Library.  15% discount on workshops

By understanding the deep layers of movement  we will gain better elasticity of the  spine, stronger bones, better balance and  postural awareness for healthy aging.


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Alina blends Iyengar and Embodied  yoga for people over 50 who want yoga to be accessible.  It’s not about extreme poses but understanding how to excute the postures with strength, resilience, and balance.
I’ve come to understand that it is in the subtleties of inner movement combined with the Iyengar system where the healing of the body-mind takes place.

Alina is an 500-hour Y.R.T. teacher and has been teaching yoga for over 25 years.   Previously she danced with American Ballet Theatre and performed in Phantom of the Opera on Broadway.   She continues to hone in her skills by just completing a 300 hour Embodied yoga certification with Patty Townsend and is in the middle of an in depth 2 year training with Patty Bainbridge Cohen.

New to Yoga? No problem, We love beginners! We love teaching the fundamental postures in a step by step way to all those who want to try yoga for the first time.
Do you want to learn how to do a home practice? I can photograph some of your poses and provide you with written instructions to take home.




Perhaps you’re recovering from an injury, illness or surgery and would prefer some private class time to address your situation individually. We feature classes moving with ease and flexibility to create a balanced body and mind; as well as workshops, and private lessons.


"You are a miracle worker!  The pain dissipated that night and none last night but I feel that it will take some time to heal completely.  Will continue with my exercises and have become a yoga fan forever".  Peter Kukresh  

 "It's not about how your posture, asana, or form looks.
It's about how integrated and comfortable you are in your own body"  

Bonnie bainbridge Cohen