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What is Alina Embodied Yoga

A somatic process of dropping into stillness thru the nature of body mind spirit. We focus on Hatha yoga and we weave the Body-Mind centering of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen thru the asanas. It is thru the inner movements that guide our outer movement. We work with fascial weave, cells, organs, glands, breath, and others to create a sense of the postural tone of condensing and expanding to keep us alive, awake, and self-aware. This process of support before action thru structural tone will bring you into your whole body tapestry rather than into your joints to keep you safe and resilient.

  • Gentle Embodied Alina Yoga: A good starting point for those new to embodied yoga and for those who need to be gentle with themselves.
  • Gentle/moderate Alina Yoga: This class is for those who want to be challenged but need step by step instructions and modifications.
  • Moderate Embodied Alina Yoga: For those who know how to modify and understand the embodied language and process.

Previous Workshops

Soft roller/core/slowmo

A Breakthrough Self-Treatment System Workshop with Maria Licata and Alina Hernandez, RYT

  1. Improve flexibility, posture, balance…
  2. Ease chronic neck and low back strain…
  3. Sleep better, reduce inflammation
  4. Feel younger!

Come experience lasting changes in how your body looks and feels!
Master the simple self-treatments you can do at home to remain active, healthy and pain-free!
This innovative science-based method will bring your body closer to an ideal state by directly enhancing body awareness, rehydrating connective tissue, and decreasing stuck stress.
Maria Licata is trained and certified by Sue Hitzmann, MELT’s creator. She teaches groups and privately in Manhattan and Huntington, LI.
Maria has a strong background in Iyengar Yoga and has found that MELT is a perfect complement to yoga, sports, and other fitness activities. MELT can be a jump-start to self-care or provide the perfect compliment to yoga, sports, and other fitness activities.



An 8 week class with Katherine Crum, Ph.D.
and Alina Hernandez, RYThrough 

Retreat Day

Mindfulness is the open, receptive awareness of present-moment experience. Simple, yet profound.

An increased ability to relax physically helps to stop the biological feedback loop that keeps stress in place. An increased ability to observe thoughts with perspective keeps those thoughts from driving - and amplifying - worry and fretfulness. The outcomes are often amazing. These may include: better sleep, less worry, less feeling of being “rushed,” a calmer, less hurried mind. Which in turn often lead to: less back and muscle pain, fewer headaches, better digestion, lower blood pressure, lower cortisol levels, increased energy, and focus.

Mindfulness results in greater ease - and joy - in everyday life, regardless of the circumstances. It is simple, but it does take practice. The course offers a variety of ways to develop this natural ability, in 30 minutes – or 30 seconds. It can be practiced by anyone, of any age, at any fitness level, of any religion (or no religion).

The MBSR course, developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, is taught in 700 + universities and hospitals worldwide. (See Full Catastrophe Living: Using the Wisdom of your Body and Mind to Face Stress, Pain and Illness, New York: Random House / Bantam, rev. ed, 2013) Researchers have been studying the effects of MBSR for 30+ years; in that time, more than 1,000 articles have appeared in peer-reviewed medical and scientific journals.

Dr. Crum has been trained by the Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and participates in ongoing professional development through the MBSR Teachers’ Collective of New York.

Alina Hernandez is a registered teacher with Yoga Alliance (500 R.Y.T.). She has been teacher-certified by renowned instructor Rodney Yee, by Richard Rozen, contributing editor for Yoga Journal, and Jivamukti trained Colleen Saidmain. Alina’s training also includes work with Dr. Jamie Naughright, athletic trainer for professional athletes and dynamic anatomy teacher, as well as Anatomy workshops at the Iyengar Institute in NYC. She is featured on the covers of the Mayo Clinic and Gaiam integrated health videos.