Alinayoga | Level 1

Places a strong emphasis on alignment and balance. The use of various props allows each student to experience the postures completely. Yoga can be practiced regardless of physical condition, as postures are adapted to meet the physical conditions and needs of each student. A place to start that covers the basic postures, alignment, building strength and increase flexibility.

New to Yoga? No problem, We love beginners! We love teaching the fundamental postures in a step by step way to all those who want to try yoga for the first time.

Alina Yoga Multilevel 1
Classes that reaffirm the basic poses and are gradual transition to Level 1 – 2.

Alina Yoga Multilevel 1 1/2
Combined classes for students of both levels.  We will always focus on who is in class.

Our most advanced yoga class for those who are strong in standing poses and inversions. We will modify poses for those who can’t invert.  

Contact us if you are new to this class.  This is a semi private class.  No discounts for this class.

Soft Roller / Slo-Mo/Gentle Core with Alina
In this class we blend Soft roller/SlowMo/Gentle core, in this 8 week series.  This class is 60 minutes.   You can do up to 2 make ups.   Registration is a must for this 8 week class.  A GREAT PLACE TO START IF YOU ARE NEW TO YOGA.
We will use soft rollers and stability balls.  This was developed by Alina to help some of her clients live a better pain free life, or for those who want to complement their yoga practice.

Soft roller(fascia)
This is great for those who are injured, out of shape, have restricted movement, are in pain or just need a place to start.

Is a wonderful fluid system to address the muscles of your back, hip and legs.  We will focus on the upper, middle and lower psoas muscles.  This is very relaxing, as the psoas is the messenger of the nervous system.

Gentle core
We will focus on the fluid core, strengthening from the inside out.  It will leave you energized not depleted.  A focused fluid strength.

This class is 180.00 tax included for 8 weeks.  We will provide the props.  You can make up 2 classes to be used in another yoga class during your 8 week series.

The drop in rate for this class is $25.00.  Make sure you email us to make sure we have room.