Finding and Refining the Elixir with Christopher Kiely

Exploring the ancient Daoist tradition of regeneration and revitalization.

There is an old tradition of longevity and powerful vitality in East Asian culture. Long before modern science figured out how to help people reach 100 years of age the old Daoists were regularly doing it without the use of external technologies, and of course without any of the side effects of those technologies either.

This curious “way” of arriving at a mutual balance with the natural forces of earth and sky was not lost with the ancient world. It endures today as vital and enigmatic as ever for those patient and lucky enough to come across it.

This workshop aims to offer a brief introduction to this often overlooked and culturally shrouded approach to meditation and personal cultivation that is based on the principles of Chinese Medicine.

The purpose is not to teach specific techniques per se, but rather to inform and enhance whatever techniques are already being used. No previous experience is necessary.

The instructor, Christopher Kiely, first came across a distant tributary of this tradition in high school and has made following it to its source a sole pursuit ever since. For the past 15 years he has been running a private Chinese Medicine practice and Tai Chi school of his own in the Champlain Valley of Vermont. He just recently moved to Kent and is excited to continue sharing this fascinating and effective tradition here.

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$53.00 if you prepay and $58.50 if you pay at the door.

You can  send a check to P O Box 112 Kent Ct 06575 to KYBW